Creation of the knowledge model adapted to your core business

Modelling knowledge consists of implementing vocabularies specific to the target core business with respect to decision-making assistance, then modelling all the core business rules (doctrines, know-how) that can be based on this vocabulary. In this way, logical deduction, information research and questioning processes, guidelines (logical deductions that the user cannot avoid following) are modelled.

Graphic configuration linked to your issues

Offering a set of icons consistent with your core business universe, configuring information sheets associated with core business objects, imagining displays of specific data; this is the graphic design work to be performed. This graphic configuration will lead to a better understanding of analysed situations as well to better visibility of your data.

Design and development of functionalities specific to your needs

As each core business has its own intrinsic features, we can co-design and then develop any functionalities or widgets with which you can equip your critical thinking for optimal management of the skills in question.