Salon EuroSatory 2016 / 13-17 juin 2016 / Paris

We invite you to learn about casym at the Ministry of Defence stand at Eurosatory 2016

Within the framework of the ACKSIS project, a partnership between Intactile DESIGN and the Masa Group, Casym is used to supervise a terrestrial “Command & Control” system. Casym will be subject to demonstrations throughout the trade show from June 13 to 17 2016.

Example of application areas

Plateau Acksis


casym, supervision of a theatre of operations

Operational decision-making throughout the chain of command must aggregate and consolidate increasingly numerous strategic, tactical, social, cultural and operational skills. Casym can transform information into knowledge that can be represented and used to improve collaborative decision-making and accelerate the order building and situation analysis process.

Plateau business intelligence

Economic intelligence

casym, analysis and corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility rating is a field that requires a complete analysis of multiple complex criteria. Casym guides users toward a situational interactive diagnostic, capable of evolving in real time – in the form of a global schematic view – for the development of prospective strategies.

Plateau santé


casym, knowledge modelling for the patient

In many fields, and in particular the medical field, data accumulates in bulk. Using information accumulated throughout the life of a patient can be a real challenge for health system workers. Casym can support medical personnel in the synthetic modelling of patient-knowledge while taking advantage of behavioural rule feedback (core business rules, doctrine, good practices) for better follow-up.